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Just a guy.


  • Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

    Multifamily Investment Specialist. Real Estate enthusiast. I am a student of life always trying to fail forward every day.

  • Abhik Chowdhury

    Abhik Chowdhury

  • UnRunDead


  • John Haley

    John Haley

    Husband, Father, Developer, Musician, Nerd and Powerlifter. Former Product Owner and Co-creator of @GitKraken. Current co-founder of @hashbackio

  • Michael Saxon

    Michael Saxon

  • Carlos Saltos

    Carlos Saltos

    Coding with Scala, Elixir, Python, Javascript, Rust and Ruby. Founder of

  • Vincent Orleck

    Vincent Orleck

    Not a guru, maven, ninja, rock star | Social Media Manager, ASU Knowledge Enterprise | President, Social Media Club PHX | Cohost, More Than Hashtags | #yesphx

  • Ethan Naluz

    Ethan Naluz

    Busy working.

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